Phoenix man dies in hang gliding accident

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COTTONWOOD, Ariz. -- Sheriff's officials in Yavapai County say a Phoenix man died over the weekend when he fell from his hang glider.

Kunio Yoshimura's wife told deputies he had just taken off from a launch site outside Cottonwood on Saturday afternoon when the 36-year-old realized his harness wasn't locked on to the hang glider.

Sheriff's spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn says in a statement that Yoshimura struggled to secure his harness but wasn't able to do it. After about two minutes, he let go and began falling, but pulled the ripcord on his parachute.

The parachute never fully deployed and Yoshimura died after falling about 2,000 feet.

Yoshimura had been flying hang gliders for more than a dozen years and D'Evelyn says his friends didn't know why his harness wasn't secured.

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