Phoenix toddler killed by father in murder-suicide remembered

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GLENDALE -- An East Valley toddler who was killed -- allegedly by her own father -- was memorialized Saturday.

Teigan Peters remembered

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Teigan Peters died on Father's Day at a campsite along the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. According to police, the 3-year-old's father, Ryan Peters, shot her and then killed himself.

At Teigan's memorial service today, there was no mention of how the little girl died. Rather, the family focused on her three short years of life, saying that they were happy ones.

There was a lot of pink -- pink balloons and pink flowers -- at the memorial service in Glendale. Pink was Teigan's favorite color. Her mom said she asked those attending the service not to wear black.

"It's not a sad day for us," Tisha Brown said. "We're here celebrating her life. She was so happy. Black is for mourning. We're not mourning her. We're celebrating what we had with her."

Investigators said Teigan's father was upset over the custody arrangement.

In lieu of flowers today, people were asked to make donations to a domestic violence shelter. The family also set up a memorial fund at Bank of America. That account number is 57016499436.