Mom and son of woman raped and beaten to death speak out

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Victim's family speaks out about crime

A 16-year-old boy is charged with raping and murdering a woman then dumping her body in a south Phoenix field.

The family of the 39-year-old victim talked to 3TV on Monday about the crime.

The county attorney's office decided to try the 16-year-old as an adult in court.

It is a move that is drawing criticism on the internet crime blogs so the family of the victim, Helen Coulter, is speaking out to support the county attorney's decision.

Coulter had already conquered cancer twice and was recovering from a stroke when she was raped and murdered in south Phoenix last week.Her mother, Janey, tells 3TV, "You're not supposed to outlive your children.It's just upside down."

Coulter lived in Mesa with her mother and son, Chris, who says, " She was a person who matteredmattered a lot."

The suspect in Coulter's murder was arrested at South Mountain High School. Police say the teen flew into a rage after a break-up and attacked the first person he saw. It happened to be Coulter who was walking down the street.

Chris admits, "It was heinous. He didn't shoot her.He beat her until she was dead."

That is why Coulter's family wants the 16-year-old tried as an adult. Janey adds, "I just want justice.What justice is for me is for him to be tried on an adult crime as an adult."

Coulter's family says the brutal crime would be a tragedy any time of the year but it has been especially difficult for them now during the holidays.

Janey explains,"We'll have a Merry Christmas and she'll be right there with usin spirit."

Janey and Chris are trying to get enough money together to fly Coulter's other son in from South Carolina so he can spend this difficult Christmas with the family.