2 Home-invasion suspects shot in ATF operation

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PHOENIX - A stake-out and a shootout involving Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officers took place in a west Valley intersection.


3TV is told Phoenix police are still investigating what happened near 35 th Avenue and Grand on Thursday afternoon.

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Police also say the suspects did have weapons when the shots were fired. According to an ATF spokesperson, they have been watching these guys for a while and Thursday was the day set to make an arrest.

The suspects, who were nearby, heard what the ATF says was a diversion blast first by SWAT to make the arrest.

When the suspects tried to flee by trying to run over a couple of officers, SWAT opened fire, hitting the driver and passenger through the glass of the car. They were taken to an area hospital but their condition is unknown at this time.

Two other suspects were also arrested. A fifth suspect was also taken to the hospital with cuts to his body.

An ATF spokesperson tells 3TV the suspects were involved in several home invasions throughout the Valley but would not go into more detail at this time.