UPDATE: Sky Harbor back to normal after Las Vegas snow

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Sky Harbor flights affected


PHOENIX -- Sky Harbor is fully recovered from the overnight delays and cancellations to Las Vegas, but there are some new, minor delays today to that airport due to snow.

Spokeswoman Deborah Ostreicher said as of 11a.m., Charlotte and Seattle are having some weather delays and the rest of the country is clear.

3TV Meteorologist Royal Norman said the National Weather Service measured 3.6 inches of snow overnight at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport.

Meteorologist Jerome Jacques said about 2 inches was left on the ground before dawn near the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign.

"Snow is not unknown in the Las Vegas valley," Jacques said. "On average, we get one-half inch of snow a year, but this amount made it a significant storm. We haven't had this amount of snow since 1979."

The weather service recorded 7.5 inches of snow at McCarran on Jan. 30-31, 1979.


LAS VEGAS (AP) -- A rare snowstorm hitting Las Vegas has brought flights in and out of McCarran International Airport to a halt.

Airport spokesman Jerry Pascual says that even though runways remained open Wednesday evening, many airlines canceled departing flights because of poor visibility.

Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration has grounded all flights destined for McCarran because of the heavy snow.

Forecasters expected 3 inches of snow could pile up overnight.

Pascual says the airport does not have snow removal equipment, but so far the runways have not accumulated enough snowfall to require removal.

The following information is from the McCarran Airport website:

(as of 4:00pm) McCarran International Airport is not closed.

In the last hour, the airport has handled 14 arrivals and zero take-offs. However, snowfall and poor visibility have greatly reduced the airlines' ability to conduct normal flight operations.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a national ground stop to prevent flights that have not already departed for McCarran from departing airports in other cities.

Normal flight operations will resume once the inclement weather has improved. The FAA will continue to monitor and advise the airlines as appropriate.

Winter snowfall is extremely rare in Southern Nevada and McCarran International does not possess snow removal equipment.

However, the airport's runways have not accumulated enough snowfall to require snow removal.

Again, the current delays are the result of poor visibility.

All passengers or those planning to pick up travelers at McCarran should contact their airline or refer to www.mccarran.com for updates on the current situation.