Snowbowl too crowded and non-locals being turned away

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Disappointed skiers and snowboarders turned away

FLAGSTAFF - The beautiful weather and a good solid snow base sent many up north to hit Snowbowl.

Unless skiers and snowboarders had a certain ticket on Monday, they were sent away.

This is something that rarely happens but by mid-morning, folks who did not have a season pass were turned away because the parking lot was too full.

That was not a good sign when you are anxious to hit the slopes. The parking lots at Snowbowl were full by 10 a.m. on Monday and the majority of drivers were forced to back right up.

Fortunately for Eddie *had* a pass. .

A lot of people had a real tough time accepting the situation that after driving several hours and waiting in a long line they would not be snowboarding or skiing on such a beautiful day.

One person admits it, "Sucks, drove all the way from Cave Creek."< /p>

But not everyone was a poor sport and resolved to try again on Tuesday.

In this case it certainly paid to be early. If you are thinking about trying to snowboard or ski, you should be there by 8 a.m.