List of alleged prostitute users released by police

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Athletes, lawyers and doctors on list

PHOENIX -- The list is 4,000 names long of alleged 'Johns'

3TV won't release the names because they're not suspects, but they are names police say came directly from the Desert Divas client books.

Desert Divas was an online prostution site.

Among those names we found the names of countless Valley doctors and lawyers, consultants, multi-million dollar developers and professional athletes.

Many paid thousands in cash and used the same escort countless times.

Police have already arrested more than 50 members of the Desert Divas. Investigators also confiscated high end cars, jewelry, a cache of weapons, and they're looking to arrest at least 50 more members.

But when it comes to the johns police say prosecuting them is a little tougher..

"Not only do you try to identify a person by their name but then you have to go and try to locate them, you have to interview them, " explains Andy Hill of the Phoenix Police Department.

And a number of them used fake names.

Most everyone we talked to denied knowing anything about the service, but police say several of them used their own credit cards and addresses.

And as for those, police say they will track them down.