Scottsdale man waits a year for sofa to arrive

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SCOTTSDALE -- When a Scottsdale man ordered a couch, he says he was expecting it to take about six weeks for it to arrive. But it's been a full year and he still doesn't have his sofa.

This is not your ordinary sofa. We're told that it's handmade on the other side of the globe, so it's not like it's manufactured in Detroit or something.

Regardless, a Scottsdale man says it's been a year, and he still doesn't have what he paid for.

"We wanted a two-seat sofa, probably leather, and we wanted it to be brown," Richard Palmer said.

Palmer and his wife say they knew exactly what kind of sofa they wanted to complement their other furniture so they went to a Scottsdale furniture store called Exotic Home and found the perfect brown leather sofa to order.

"We asked for a delivery date and they told us six weeks," Palmer said.

Six weeks didn't seem bad so Palmer says he ordered it, paid $2,700 in full and then waited.

But six weeks turned to months and Exotic Home says Palmer's sofa still hadn't come in.

Palmer claims Exotic Home gave him all kinds of excuses.

"He said it was coming from South America, they said it was caught up in customs in Mexico and I was beginning to lose my confidence," Palmer said.

As a compromise, Exotic Home let Palmer borrow a sofa. It's identical to the one he ordered except it's black not brown.

But for 12 long months, the black sofa has sat in Palmer's home while the brown one he ordered has never arrived. Remember, it's a been a full year.

"What I want is, I want this sofa gone and I want my money back," Palmer said.

It's pretty clear Palmer just wants the sofa out of his home. So, 3 On Your Side went to Exotic Home for answers.

Jamie Michaels owns Exotic Home and admits it's been a lot longer than he expected to get Palmer's sofa. That's why he let him borrow the black one.

"I didn't go to Goodwill and get a sofa," Michaels said. "I gave him a new sofa from my showroom just like the one he ordered."

Initially, Michaels didn't want to refund Palmer's money, but after 3 On Your Side got involved Michaels says he will return the $2,700, saying he wants his customers to be happy.

Palmer says he's satisfied. The black couch will be out of his home, he'll get his money back and he walks away with a lesson learned.

"When you go into a furniture store and they say six to eight weeks, six to eight weeks could mean a year," Palmer said.

Exotic Home says it will return Palmer's money in two to three weeks. Thanks to Exotic Home for working with me on this one.