DPS turning on additional AZ speed camera

Posted: Updated:
New cameras activated

PHOENIX - If you hate seeing photo enforcement cameras while you are driving along Valley freeways you are not going to like what you're about to hear.

Your chances of getting snapped speeding are now better than ever. It is the return of the freeway photo shoot and the prize is a fat ticket for those who get snapped speeding.

It is the first statewide photo radar program in the country and there is no shortage of cameras.

In just a flash a heavy foot can mean a heavy fine and you may not even notice.

After legislators passed a law that will install 100 photo radar cameras state-wide, the first 20 began snapping shots Monday.

One driver tells 3TV, "Even though I don't want it because I'm going to get tickets from it, but it's a good idea because it's the law and we need to be obeying the law and it's safer.

The cameras are back on the loop 101 and now on Interstate 10, the US 60 and the 51 as well.

There are 40 more cameras to follow around the state. Department of Public Safety officers say a 9-month study of photo radar sites in Scottsdale saw speeds drop 9 miles an hour.

Although the new citations will not count on your record, they hope the $180 dollar fine will suffice.