Dirt-cheap Thanksgiving dinner

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PHOENIX -- Looking to save a little money on your Thanksgiving dinner? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Some things I think you just have to splurge on and one of those things is your Thanksgiving dinner. I mean, it's only once a year.

But given the current conditions, I know a lot of folks want to do things a little cheaper so here's a few money-saving tips.

Pearl Biedrzycki is excited about doing her Thanksgiving grocery shopping this year. That's because she believes there are some great deals out there.

"Their ads, their sale items -- you can really save on those," Biedrzycki said.

Kristy Neid is with Bashas' and says this year it's easier than ever to eat more for less.

"Our turkey price, I think, rivals that of any chain in the country," Neid said. "I think we have a great one -- 43 cents a pound. That's hard to find."

And 43 cents a pound is right around the going rate at many Valley stores.

But don't forget once the turkey is bought, there's also stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and, of course, dessert.

But Neid says it's possible to keep the Thanksgiving costs from going through the roof.

"You can prepare a meal for 10 people for just about $30," Neid said.

Wow! Thirty bucks! But Neid says in order to get that price, you have to follow a few money-saving tips.

First, she suggests going though all the ads and making a list.

Next, she says fresh isn't always the best when it comes to price. For example, forget fresh corn when frozen is usually cheaper.

"If you really want to cut corners, buy frozen and also look for private label," Neid said.

And, finally, it may not always be cost effective to make everything from scratch. Take pies, for example. It's a lot cheaper to buy one already made than to buy the ingredients individually.

"I know, $2.98!" Maresa Molinar said. "I mean, that might be a reason why I don't [make pies]."

And, by the way, don't do your Thanksgiving shopping on a whim. Plan in advance then go.

"I write a list, I make a list, and I stick with that list," Biedrzycki said.