Controversy swirling around new Gilbert school, people hate name

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GILBERT -- It's not open yet, but a new school in Gilbert is already the center of some controversy. The issue is its name.

"It sounds like a summer camp."

The school board had decided to call the school Campo Verde, Spanish for "green field," because of the alfalfa field next to it.

Dozens of parents and students are not happy about the name and they're making their feelings known.

According to Stacey Gin, PTSO president of a nearby elementary school, there's been a flood of e-mails and calls from people expressing their concerns.

"Everything I've heard, it's just been negative," Gin said. "I haven't gotten anything positive."

"They just think it kind of sounds like the name of a summer camp," said eighth grader Brittney Coons. "And it just kind of sounds like Camp Verde High School in Camp Verde, Arizona."

The school board is setting up a survey on the district's Web site so people can suggest new names.

The board will take up the issue at its next meeting on Nov. 25.