ACLU claims Arpaio violated rights of jail inmate

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PHOENIX -- The American Civil Liberties Union wants Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio be held in contempt of court for violating a ruling regarding jail inmates' rights to be transported to clinics to have abortions.

According to a motion filed with Maricopa County Superior Court in May, an inmate identified as Mary Roe asked to be taken from jail to have an abortion and was told she needed to get a court order to do so.

However, a standing Superior Court injunction prohibits the Sheriff's Office from demanding such court orders. The injunction was based on an earlier case that Arpaio contested and lost.

Roe was able to get her abortion four weeks later, which the motion claims put her at added and unnecessary medical risk.

Sheriff's Office Deputy Chief Jack MacIntyre said there was no denial for transport and the ACLU's motion is an attempt "to do a very late backstab to get Arpaio."

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