UPDATE: No jury yet in trial of accused Serial Shooter

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UDATE: Friday, Sept. 12

PHOENIX -- After nearly two weeks, the Serial Shooter case still does not have a jury.

No jurors yet

Attorneys have questions more than 600 potential jurors, but so far, not one has been selected.

The jury will hear the case of Dale Haunser, who's accused to being behind the shooting spree that left eight people dead.

Samuel Dieteman, Hausner's alleged accomplice, has already pleaded guilty to two murders. He is expected to testify against Hausner.

Lawyers are looking fro a handful of people who are able to spend several months on what's expected to be a marathon trial. They also need to people to not have been influences by all the publicity and high-profile nature of the case.


PHOENIX -- Jury selection is set to begin Wednesday in the trial of the man accused of being one of Arizona's most prolific serial predators.

Dale Shawn Hausner has pleaded not guilty in eight killings and 20 other attacks that were part of the so-called "Serial Shooter" case.

Jury selection could take weeks because as many as 3,000 potential jurors will have to be screened to see if they have time to commit as much as nine months to the case.

Among the witnesses expected to testify is Hausner's alleged partner in the crimes, Samuel Dieteman. Dieteman has said in court that he rode with Hausner while the two cruised neighborhoods in search of "just random, senseless destruction."

Dieteman pleaded guilty in April to two murders in the case.

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