City of Phnx pools officially closed, money crunch to blame

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Phnx pools officially closed

PHOENIX - The Valley has been under an excessive heat warning but from now on residents will have to deal with the triple-digit temperatures without a pool to cool off in.

Parasite in pools is not the only problem. Like every other city department, there isa money crunch, which means less time in the water this year.

Joseph Sherill and his sons have splished and splashed their way through summer at the public pool on Dunlap. For them it is a form of entertainment and a healthy way to beat the heat.

Nevertheless, after today they will have to find another way to work out.

The 29 city pools were open during August of last year but city officials say it is just not worth it with school starting.

While the heat does not share the same schedule, summer swimmers will have to chill out on their own.