Family talks: 2 boys killed in DUI wreck

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Fundraiser for boys' funeral

MESA - The family of two young boys killed by an alleged drunk driver is speaking out.

The boys died Friday after the crash near Elliot and Sossaman Roads. Sheriff's deputies say they were in the car with family when a truck ran a stop sign and slammed into them.

In that truck, officials say, were two teenaged boys who had been drinking. This family is dealing with unimaginable heartbreak. They shared their story and a message they want the public to hear with 3TV.

With shared tears, hugs and sorrow a family came together to honor the lives of the two young boys that were cut far too short.

A memorial is growing at the scene of the crash where 5-year-old Nolan and Frank Smith V, known by family and friends as CJ, were killed.

Their parents, Traci and Frank Smith are still in the hospital.

One of the boys' aunt's, Kristi Kear, tells 3TV the parents are, "Physically both in pain and mentally I can't even touch."

This is a tragedy the family has gone through before. Traci and Frank lost their second child at birth.

Kear says, "They've had to bury all three of their children, and this shouldn't have happened."

Investigators say it did happen, all because two teenagers decided to drink and drive. "I hate to use the word hate but I can say I hate those individuals," admits Kear.

Now this family is pleading to keep their pain from happening to anyone else.

Travis Allen, the boys' uncle, adds, "Pay attention. Watch how you drive. Remember there are families out there."

Kear explains, "They took that choice to drink and drive and because of that now we have two less family members."

Those teenagers are in police custody but no charges have been filed. Investigators say they are awaiting DNA samples to determine who was driving at the time of the accident.

If you'd like to help the Smith Family, an account has been established and you can contribute at any Wells Fargo bank branch.