More and more green pools hazardous to entire neighborhoods

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VALLEYWIDE -- Green pools in the Valley are becoming more and more common due to the increase in home foreclosures.

Potential breeding ground for mosquiotes

Vacant home with green pools in their backyards are a hazard to the entire neighborhood. Those pools could become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that could spread the potentially deadly West Nile Virus.

While green pools are problematic, Maricopa County Environmental Services can treat them.

"We put a chemical ... on [the water] which suffocates the larvae and also prevents any female mosquitoes from laying eggs on the water," said Kara Cox of Environmental Services.

If you know of a green pool in your neighborhood, report it to Environmental Services, but be aware that the department is backlogged, so it could take up to 10 days for them to respond.

Once they have the report, MCES will perform an inspection and give the property owner 48 hours to clean up the pool.