Retail sales in AZ doing better than national averages

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PHOENIX - Even though Americans are spending less, some retailers reported signs of improvement in January.

Winter visitors making impact

Sales are still down nation-wide, but not as much as economists projected.

That news gave Wall Street a boost this week.

It's a glass half full or in this case, a wallet half full kind of thing. Most retailers aren't ecstatic over sales, but many are finding ways stay afloat in rough times.

It seems to be the bell that has taken its toll on business and that's rung true in Arizona more than many places.

But after a dismal holiday shopping season, it may be the register that's ringing more.

Nationwide, January sales numbers were expected to be down about 3 percent, but studies show here in Arizona they only slipped 1.6 percent and in some cases around the state, they actually grew.

Retail experts say part of reason is part-time residents.

Some think that could help bring Arizona back into the black before some others.