Underground sport of 'Horse Tripping' still legal in AZ

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Horses legs yanked from under them

PHOENIX -- In 'Horse Tripping' riders chase a horse down in a circle then lasso the front legs of the animal.

Then at a high rate of speed they yank the feet out from under the horse.

The practice of horse tripping has been bannned by the majority of professional rodeo associations here in the US.

That has forced those who enjoy practicing the act into hiding, and they have formed underground rings right here in the Valley.

A former victim of horse tripping, 'Chloe' is a horse that was rescued.

She was brought to "Phoenix's Luv Shack Horse Rescue" with a broken shoulder and a broken knee.

"They have no way of stopping. They break shoulders, they break necks, they break their whithers."

Another rescue horse 'Dancer' still has scars from where the lasso wrapped around her legs. Dancer is also pregnant.

"Many of these severly injured animals are then sent to slaughter houses."

After hearing from concerned citizens, the Phoenix City Council voted unanimously to make horse tripping illegal within city limits.

Congresswoman Thelda Williams who proposed the ordinance isn't stopping there.

She hopes this will encourage the Arizona Legislature to ban horse tripping state wide.