Qwest Wireless customers will soon be Verizon customers

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PHOENIX -- A big change in cell phone service might be coming your way.

That big change centers on Qwest Wireless customers.

If you currently use Qwest Wireless, you will soon be getting something in the mail informing you of the big change.

What kind of change? Well, Qwest Wireless is going to phase out, but before they do, the company will try to convince you to use Verizon Wireless.

Jesus Juarez has Qwest Wireless service, but when it comes to his cell phone provider, a change is coming his way.

"This is a good change," Juarez said. "There's nothing to be worried about!"

That's because Qwest Wireless customers will soon be Verizon Wireless customers.

"We've entered into a strategic partnership with Verizon Wireless," said Arizona Qwest President Jim Campbell.

According to Campbell, the so-called partnering of the companies is actually good news for Qwest customers.

"What it means is that Qwest customers can get the best in class," he said. "Verizon by far is the best network."

The deal gives Qwest the ability to market and sell Verizon products and also allows for integrated billing between the two companies, meaning if you like to bundle packages you'll be able to bundle between them and that could save you money.

"It's something to be extremely excited about," Campbell said. "Again, customers want convenience. They want everything on one bill and want the best services available at the best price."

But if Qwest Wireless customers have concerns about transferring over to Verizon, they won't have to.

Qwest is hoping customers will like Verizon but if they don't, they're going to have to decide on another wireless company soon because Qwest Wireless will no longer be around.

"At some point, the existing Qwest Wireless, the old Qwest product, will go away so they're going to have to go somewhere," Campbell said.

As for Juarez, he says he's not worried about the switchover and plans on giving Verizon a try.

"I actually think it's good," Juarez said. "We're going with Verizon now. Why not be backed up with the best network?"

If you want to transition to Verizon Wireless right now you can do that, but remember, when you do you will begin a whole new agreement with them.

Also remember you can always go to any company you choose, but you'll have to do it before February because that's when Qwest Wireless is officially gone.