Police: Two marines pose as police officers to make traffic stop

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Flashed military ids

PHOENIX - Two marines, accused of posing as police and investigators say they even made a bogus traffic stop.

The marine corp. here in Phoenix told 3TV the men had been back from deployment for only a few months and police tell us they were apparently still carrying their marine id cards.

It was around ten at night near 15th Avenue and Osborn Road when police say 24-year-old Orlando Gonzalez and 22-year-old Warren Meredith allegedly used the id cards to pull over two women.

The two men were driving a white Chrysler and put a red flashing light on their dash and pulled over a car with a 28 and 41-year-old woman inside.

Police say they asked the women for ids and asked them where they were coming from.

Police say the two tried to make their marine reservist ID cards look like law enforcement id's and the victims got their names.

Police say the men must have gotten spooked and they took off, but officers soon tracked them to a house and arrested them.

3TV went to one of their houses where a flag was waving on the front porch, but no one came to the front door.

Police aren't sure what would have happened in this case, but they do know what should happen.

Police said if you're being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle, go to a well lit area or go to a place that's well populated and never let a flashing red or in this case marine id flashing suspects fool you.

The marine reserve unit tells us they are looking into the arrests and talking to police.