Jennifer Lopez fights Valley man for control of websites

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Valley man fights JLo for websites

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PHOENIX - Jennifer Lopez goes on the attack against a Valley man, who said he was just trying to help her career.

The fight, which ended up at a UN commission, revolves around two websites, and

A Valley man built the sites years ago and they were getting thousands of hits a day.

But this year, J-Lo decided they belonged to her.

"I'm just a fan trying to promote her and her career," said site creator JT.

JT created and 10 years ago.

The sites are one-stop-shops for everything J-Lo, but recently Lopez trade-marked her name and decided she wanted control of JT's websites.

"I've spent thousands of dollars over the years in developing the website out of my own pocket," he said.

So to cover those costs, JT offered to sell the sites to J-Lo for $85,000.

But her lawyers took JT to a United Nations commission on intellectual property rights.

They accused the super fan of profiting from the superstar; something he said just isn't true.

"I feel hurt as a fan," he said. "I made enough money to cover costs of development, but not much money at all."

J-Lo wants to use the sites for a charitable foundation.

JT can't fault her for that and said both sides could've prevented the costly legal battle if Lopez herself had just asked for them.

In spite of it all, JT said he's still a Jennifer Lopez fan and hopes to one day smooth things out in person.

This can go either way. JT also created a Saturday Night Live fan page.

NBC saw it and loved it and hired him to develop websites.