Serial bank robber dubbed 'Bad Hair Day' bandit caught

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'Bonnie and Clyde' of robberies arrested

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SCOTTSDALE - An off-duty reserve deputy is being credited with helping capture a serial bank robber dubbed by police as the "Bad Hair Day" bandit.

The suspect, Blair Daehling, is believed to be responsible for at least five bank robberies over the last month in the east Valley where he wears different wigs as disguises. His wife, Brandy Heidrick-Daehling, was also arrested for her alleged involvement.

It was the suspect's hair that reportedly caught the attention of the retired deputy, Jim Jeselun, who says he sensed "something strange" on Monday afternoon. The 10-year veteran says, "The guy was just out of place wearing a long sleeve shirt on a super hot day and a big afro wig."

The suspect entered the bank and when he left, witnesses told Jeselun the bank had been robbed. Jeselun copied down the suspect's license plate number and was able to provide information that lead to the suspect's apprehension.

He later said about the experience, "Actually, it was kind of fun."