Suspects shoot up wrong house with kids inside

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MARYVALE - Two kids are lucky to be alive after someone points a gun and starts randomly shooting up their home.


UNCUT: Mom discusses shootout in wrong home - An UNCUT interview with a woman whose home was shot up in a case of mistaken identity. She explains how bullets went through her daughter's room.

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3TV is told a shooting call is not uncommon for the officers at the Maryvale Police Precinct. This one happened in broad daylight and one mother is thankful her babies are still alive.

As a chore, Alex waters the lawn every day, but yesterday it was interrupted by gunshots. Kristina Kinlicheenie, explains, "He shot this right here, he grazed that, came off and shot up here, we don't even know where that bullet landed."

Kinlicheenie counted five bullet holes, one that actually went through the screen, through the door and through a wall. She points and tells 3TV, "That's the bullet hole.

The bullet went into Kinlincheenie's daughter's bedroom. She admits, "I'm lucky she wasn't in here at that time, I mean, we were only gone for only 30 minutes before it happened."

The shots came from a young man who Kinlicheenie believes had the wrong house.

She explains, "My boyfriend comes to the door and he opens it and is standing right here and opens the door and asks, 'Are you looking for someone?' He's like, 'I'm looking for Michael.' He goes, 'There's no Michael that lives here'."

Police tell 3TV they have not started investigating this yet since nobody was hurt. This case falls lower on their priority list but they do tell 3TV a detective is supposed to start looking into this in the next couple of days.

As you can imagine, Kinlicheenie is frustrated over this. She says, "They could've killed somebody, I mean, not even an adult, a boy was right there. They hit into a 2-year-old's bedroom and shot the bed open."

Kinlicheenie says the shooting suspect looks like a young Hispanic man in his early 20s, standing about six feet tall with no facial hair. He was seen wearing all black clothing and driving away in a light green, possibly grey Chevy Cavalier.

If you happen to see him or the car, you are urged to call the police.