New Valley nightclub caters to plus-size women

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People who are heavier have had to put up with a lot, especially in social circles, but now there is a new place in town that is designed just for them.

Lisa Marie Garbo tells 3TV, "Five years ago I had 50 people and I'm thinking, 'Is this going to work'?" Is the plus sized community ready to embrace themselves and celebrate their body no matter what size they are? And now five years later I get about 800 to 1000 people a weekend."

Garbo is talking about her nightclub in Long Beach, California called Club Bounce. It caters to the plus-size community and now she's taking it on the road to right here in the Valley.

Garbo says, "It's size acceptance. Anyone who comes to the door, any shape, size, race, agebut we cater to people of size because we need to feel admired, desired, and accepted."

Here in Phoenix Club Bounce just opened its doors near 32nd Street and Indian School on Thursday night. It looks like any other nightclub: dancing, drinking and socializing and that is the plan from here on out. It is a spot where once a week size does not matter. While having fun is one of the main reasons you would come here, Garbo is also hoping the experience will be a lot more than that. She admits, "I used to be the person that stayed in my room all by myself and cried. I'm not good enough to go out and eat. I'm not good enough to have a boyfriend. The message is you are good enough. You're just the same as the person who is a size 2." In fact, she says people have told her how much Club Bounce has helped with their self confidence and folks here are hoping for the same.

Michelle Morgan, a Club Bounce customer, tells 3TV, "Coming to a club like this will allow me to open my horizons to be more excepting of my weight." Ann Potter, another customer, adds, "It's a place where we can come and fit in and feel guys are looking at us and it's a good feeling and boosts self-confidence."

Liz Valencia, another patron at Club Bounce tells 3TV, "I used to go out and really worry about what people thought and now it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter and I feel better."

Garbo hopes her club is just the beginning for better things for the plus-size community. "Size discrimination is more rapid than we know and I really want to help change thatYou need to build momentum and get other people involved to say, 'I'm not going to be treated like this anymore'."

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