DMX's Cave Creek home in foreclosure; up for sale

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PHOENIX - Rapper DMX made millions off his records and played roles in dozens of movies, however now his Valley home is in foreclosure and in shambles.

From the road, you can tell it's a fixer-upper.

Andrew Wheeler's in charge of selling DMX's foreclosed home for the bank.

"It's very nerve-racking, sometimes I think he'll just show up," he said. "This was probably his pride and joy."

For now, DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, is in jail, waiting to be sentenced on animal cruelty, theft, and drug convictions.

A SWAT team investigating the charges raided his home last May.

Wheeler said the raids left the carpet and tiles charred and windows and doors around the home blown out.

The raids left the house unsecured and open to thieves.

"I think people showed up, walked the house and took what they wanted," Wheeler said.

The few things left were thrown into the pool.

The only sign of DMX is an old magazine cover hanging out of a car window.

The rapper pictured with his wife, who called Wheeler when the home went into foreclosure.

The sweeping views from the property are the main selling point, something DMX in his reality show said he moved here for in the first place.

According to the realtor, the quads DMX is seen riding were stolen, along with almost everything else, leaving behind a damaged shell of a once-glamorous home.

DMX paid around $600,000 in 2003

The bank set the sale price for $429,000.