'Twilight' movie fans wait for hours to meet cast members

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Hundreds of screaming teens

SCOTTSDALE -- Hundreds of screaming teenage girls waited in line for hours just to get a glimpse of two-vampires and a werewolf...

The stars of the new movie "Twilight" invaded Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall Wednesday night.

There were screams, smiles, and even tears as fans of the book "Twilight" grew anxious to meet the movie's cast.

Many waited in line for hours, some got there at 7:30 Tuesday night and slept at the mall.

"We laid down some blankets and had a big slumber party."

They even called in sick to work and school waitng to meet a the cast of "Twilight".

When the cast came out - insanity insued.

The cast answered some fan questions from a make-shift stage. Then it was time to sign autographs for those lucky 750 people with wristbands and "Twilight" tour t- shirts.

The cast members are also huge fans of the book, and are blown away by all of this attention.

Die hard fans of the book are now anxioulsy awaiting the films release.