Money Matters experts on economic psychology

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This week's Money Matters experts are counselors and psychologists from the Arizona Department of Health Services.

They will be giving help and advice for those people and families that are experiencing the psychological effects of today's economy.

Feelings and emotions that are affecting some families are:

- Guilty feelings over not being able to be as generous as in prior years (in relation to gift-giving)

- How much information do you share with your kids about family finances

- Explaining to kids the holidays may not be so jolly this year

- Holiday blues stress and the physical toll it takes on the body

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Community Information and Referral Helpline: Maricopa County: 602-263-8856

Other Counties: 800-352-3792

If you need help or assistance dealing with emotional stresses such as these, you can ask our experts by or by calling 602-207-3663.