MCSO: Wife claims Mayor of Gilbert threatened her life

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GILBERT -- The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office released an incident report detailing an alleged fight between the Mayor of Gilbert Steve Berman and his newlywed wife Michelle Berman.

According to the report, Michelle Berman called the Gilbert Police Department around 4:30pm on July 9th claiming that her life had been threatened by her husband, Mayor Steve Berman. Gilbert Police contacted the Sheriff's Office to investigate the matter objectively.

The report claims that Michelle and Mayor Berman were having an argument involving money. Mayor Berman was asking for some financial documents - specifically a tax return - from Michelle that she did not want to give to him.

Michelle said that during a phone call Berman stated "If you don't give me the tax return, I'm going to kill you and I'm going to pound that b****** (referring to Michelle's father) into the ground."

The report also details an interview with Berman, who says that Michelle has a problem with prescription pain medication. No charges have been filed against the Mayor.