Beauty product promises put to the test

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With the rising cost of everything, now more than ever we want the beauty products we buy to keep their advertised promises. I put a few to the test so I could try it before you buy it. Read on to see how each beauty product fared.

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Beauty Product: NIGHT & DAY Breathable Contact Lenses by CIBA VisionBeauty Product Promise: Up to 30 Nights Continuous Wear

I'll start with some good news. These lightweight lenses kept their promise and I was able to keep my contacts in for over a month. As I age, my eyes seem to be aging even faster with changing prescriptions at most of my eye appointments. I dislike my glasses and I am nervous to have any type of corrective eye surgery, so I opted to try the NIGHT & DAY extended wear type. I am happy to report that I can easily put these contacts in and forget about them for an entire month. All that is required is a quick squirt of solution in each eye every morning. I have noticed that I can even skip that when I am visiting climates that are not as dry as Phoenix.

The company website says that NIGHT & DAY breathable contact lenses provide up to six more times of oxygen than traditional soft contact lenses. After putting them to the test on my peepers, I agree with the company's claim. NIGHT & DAY contact lenses are sold in packages of six. Lenses can only be purchased with a valid prescription from a licensed eye care professional and prices vary based on the seller. CIBA says that the average price is about $21 to $27 a month. My doctor gave me a rebate to send in, so I was able to get a portion of what I paid back. Even without the rebate, I will keep buying and wearing these contacts. Check out for instructions on how to obtain a free sample through a participating eye doctor.

Beauty Product: L'Oreal Paris Infallible 6 HR NeverFail Lip GlossBeauty Product Promise: Lip Gloss Lasts for Six Hours

Promises, promises. Six hours?! This one didn't even last one hour!

Plus, I didn't like how sticky my lips felt once I applied the product. Although the price is right at under $8 a tube at drug stores, the promise wasn't kept. I'll stick to my good ol' favorites and just reapply when needed!

Beauty Product: Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot TreatmentBeauty Product Promise: Self-Heating Exfoliating Scrub for Soft Feet

Fun to try and fun to report back on. As promised, Olay Body Thermal Pedicure Foot Treatment really does warm up on contact with skin and water. It rivals the warming sensation that I have felt during a professional pedicure.

Living in daily flip flops during our hot Arizona weather, my heels end up feeling like sandpaper if left alone. To streamline our budget, I am trying to do some beauty treatments at home.

With this product and a bottle of nail polish, I can save money by doing it myself and it feels good on my feet. For around $10, I found this foot cream to be a good value since a little bit goes a long way. Go ahead and pamper your paws with this one!

Beauty Product: Sally Hansen Diamond Strength No Chip Nail ColorBeauty Product Promise: Long-lasting, Chip-Resistant, Fade-Resistant

Is it me?! This one had lots of good reviews and my cousin, Terri swears by this stuff! I wish I could concur, but I didn't like it for my fingernails.

I did like it on my toenails and it did last longer on my feet, but not on my fingers.

I thought that the odor was overwhelming with that familiar nail polish scent lingering days after I applied it.

Unfortunately, the color chipped two days after my paint job. So, as far as the promise of long-lasting and chip-resistant, I give it a thumbs down.

However, for the fade-resistant claim, that is true. The color went on bold and stayed that way.

For under five bucks a bottle and with over 32 shiny shades to choose from, you may still want to try it. I give it a no for my manicures, but a yes for my pedicures.

Beauty Product #1: Clarins Paris Total Body Lift Stubborn Cellulite ControlBeauty Product #2: Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite Smoothing Gel-CreamBeauty Product Promise: Visibly Reduces Appearance of Cellulite within Weeks

Cellulite. It is a word that many women dread, so I knew that I had to include these two products in my test run.

Nivea Body Good-bye Cellulite (love the name) sells for $12.99 at the drugstore. Clarins Total Body Lift Stubborn Cellulite Control has to be ordered online.

I purchased a 6.9 oz. tube for $60.00 with free shipping. At more than triple the price of the same-sized Nivea, I expected a big difference in how well each one worked, if at all.

When it comes to cellulite creams, I have my doubts and firmly (no pun intended) believe that diet and exercise are really the only remedies to lessen the appearance of a women's worst enemy - upper thigh dimples!

Well, I actually liked the Nivea better than the Clarins.

Nivea's cream has a nice soft scent while Clarins smelled like a medical ointment. Nivea goes on smoothly, Clarins felt a bit sticky.

Do they work? Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part, but I felt like I did see a slight improvement with Nivea after only two weeks. Again, I stress slight, because the only time in my life that I noticed a huge improvement was after I lost my son's pregnancy weight through diet and exercise. I was determined to get those extra pounds off the right way and I was surprised just how much smoother the back of my legs became as I exercised more and ate less of the bad stuff. On the flip side, it all came back when I gained the weight back after my second baby!

So, for this stuff, I say OK to the less expensive stuff, but still suggest doing it the right way with a physician-approved diet and a good exercise plan.

Beauty Product: Kiss 3D Tip & Toe ArtBeauty Product Promise: Designs that Stick to Nails

Although these cute stickers look just like the flowers that some salons paint on your pedicures, they don't last as long.

I stuck one to my fingernail and another one on my toe tip. The first one lasted a mere one day and the pedicure design was halfway off the next day.

For $2.99 for two sheets, skip it for yourself, but buy it if you have a daughter begging you for a nail appointment afternoon with Mommy. You can recreate the experience at home with these stickers for much less. Just make sure that you explain to your little girl that the promise of actually sticking to the nail won't last long.

Beauty Product: Gillette Venus Breeze Razor Plus Shave Gel BarsBeauty Product Promise: 2 in 1 Razor with Built-In Gel for a Smooth Shave

By far, this one performed the worst! I also found multiple bad reviews online, which I read after I tried it, so I wouldn't be influenced in either direction.

I was really hoping that this multi-tasking razor would work because I definitely like accomplishing several things at once. It was not to be.

Although this has a bit of shaving cream in the head of the device, there wasn't enough inside for a comfortable shave and I even ended up with razor burn! This one runs for around $12 and I give it big thumbs down.

If you try it, don't say you weren't warned!

Hopefully, this try-it-before-you-buy-it article has saved you some money and an uncomfortable razor burn.

Although I have some other topics to tackle in my next few columns, I plan to test product promises every few months or so to keep our beauty budget and life on budget!