Conjoined Phoenix twins separated after 12 hour surgery

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UPDATE: Friday, Jan. 16

PHOENIX -- Two Kingman boys who were born conjoined woke up in separate beds for the first time.

Future surgeries needed

Alex and Angel Mendoza are stable following Thursday's separation surgery, which lasted more than 12 hours.

It took a team of 20-plus doctors and nurses to work on the twins at Phoenix Children's Hospital.

The Mendoza boys were born in August connected at the pelvis with their livers fused together.

They will still need more reconstructive surgeries and rehabilitation.

UPDATE: Thursday, Jan. 15

PHOENIX -- Surgery to separate conjoined twins is taking place today in Phoenix.

Alex and Angel Mendoza were born in mid-August. They are joined from just below their sternums all the way down through their pelvises.

Doctors say the boys are healthy for the most part. Much of the work in the operation will center on their livers, plus the pelvis area. The boys each have one liver, but they are fused together.

Today's surgery will include more than 20 doctors and nurses, and is expected to last 12 to 18 hours.

The babies were delivered two months early after doctors saw there was not enough amniotic fluid supporting them.

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UPDATE: Sunday, Aug. 17 -- Conjoined twins 'doing well' after first surgery

PHOENIX - The conjoined twins born in the Valley earlier this week are reportedly doing very well after their first surgery.

Surgery was conducted on Saturday to create a colostomy and a small piece of skin was taken for harvesting so doctors will have enough skin to work with when the babies are separated.

Doctors want the babies to grow stronger before separating them.

The complex separation procedure will be done in the next three to twelve months.


PHOENIX -- A Kingman woman is the mother of the first conjoined twins born at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix.

The twins were delivered via Caesarean section Wednesday, which was about eight weeks early. They weighed at 8 pounds 10 ounces together.

Doctors said that all things considered, the babies are relatively healthy.

The infants are joined from the middle of their chests to the bottom of their torsos. Because of that, their genders have not been determined.

A team from Phoenix Children's Hospital is taking over care of the newborns.

It's expected that that babies will be separated at some point in the next year when they're stronger and better able to handle the complex procedure.