"Stay"-cationers could save big by choosing to vacation at home

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Scottsdale resorts giving out deals to attract vacationers and "stay"-cationers alike

The new term is "stay"-cationer, which is someone who stays in town for their vacation.

In this troubled economy, valley hotels are trying to cash in on that stay-cationer dollar.

Because of that, locals can get one heck of a deal.

Typically, the award-winning Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort increases its rates as the temperatures drop.

But this season they will be offering rooms for $99 a night.

The Von Richter family is spending more than a week at the resort.

They are in town from Canada and enjoying the nice change in climate.

"It was almost zero degrees, raining, almost snowing," says Dominique Von Richter.

"So, we came here and it has been fabulous."

With outrageous gas prices, skyrocketing prices for airplane tickets, and this slumping economy, getting out of town just isn't as easy as it used to be.

For many people, a "stay"-cation just may be the way to go.

Scottsdale Convention and Visitors Bureau Communications Director Rachel Pearson says the hotels there are also offering up nice incentives for those who choose to getaway and stay-cation in there own backyard.

"Last year at this time, you would have spent maybe $199 for a room," says Pearson.

"This year, you will still pay $199 but maybe you will get a $50 food and beverage credit, or you will get a discount at the spa."

And anyone who lives in the valley knows if you vacation here, at least the weather will be nice.

The deal at Pointe Hilton runs until January 4th.

To get the deal, you have to spend three nights there including Sunday.

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