911 Tapes from DPS officer killed by helicopter blade

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Call-by-call from dispatchers

SEDONA -- Dispatch: "911 what is your emergency?"

Caller: "We're disoriented and lost."

Dispatch: "Are you injured at all?"

Caller: "Not injured, scratched, but a little dehydrated."

It's a 9-1-1 call from a 63 year old hiker, stuck on the top of Bear mountain in Sedona.

Caller: "We just can't find our way down."

Dispatch: "Ok, so you're off trail at this time?"

Caller: "We are off trail."

He and his wife have been trying to get down for 3 and a half hours.

Caller: "I would hate to have someone come out, they can just give us directions on how to get down."

Dispatch: "Yeah, we'll try that. And do you have enough supplies? Water? Food or anything?

Caller: "We have some water and we have a little bit of food."

The fire department calls the DPS Air Ranger helicopter pilot.

Pilot: "Hey this is Brad with DPS Flagstaff Ranger. How are you doing?"

Dispatch: "Hi, Brad, how are you?"

Pilot: "Good."

Dispatch: "We just got a call from two hikers that are suppose to be up on Bear mountain."

Pilot: "Ok. Yeah, I'm familiar with that area... Well, let me assemble some equipment together and we'll head that way."

Dispatch: "Ranger out of Flagstaff will be launching in the next five minutes."

36 year old Bruce Harrolle would be the medic officer on board Ranger.

But moments later.

Dispatch: "Engine 511 go ahead."

Fire: "We need the closest air rescue helicopter available. DPS air ranger had a blade strike to the head with their officer we need immediate air evac to the site."

Fire: "We have an officer down at the top of Doe mountain."

Dispatch: "Oh my god."

The father of two had somehow been killed by the rotor as he tried to rescue the hikers.

Dispatch launches another helicopter to find his body.

Dispatch: "Angel 3 has been launched."

Harrolle's pilot was forced to fly the hikers to safety, and because of the accident could not fly back.

Dispatch: "DPS Ranger will be out of service at this point and time."

Dispatch then calls DPS with the news.

Dispatch: "It was involving DPS Ranger, the helicopter."

DPS: "What happened there?

Dispatch: "One of the paramedics got hit by a blade."

There are seconds of silence... Until reality sets in.

DPS: "Alright - we'll get somebody en route."