Light rail accidents are averaging 1 every 6 days

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Sharing the road with the rail is confusing for some drivers

PHOENIX - The Phoenix Light Rail has been in operation now for three months.

In those three months there have been thirteen crashes involving the trains and passenger vehicles.

This means Metro is averaging a record of one crash every six days.

It seems sharing the road with the new light rail has been frustrating and damaging for some Valley drivers.

When designing the light rail, Metro operators looked at other systems working in other cities.

Now that the train is up and running, when compared to those other cites, Phoenix is seeing a higher number of crashes than before.

Moving day comes to a screeching halt for this driver.

Surveillance video from inside a light rail car shows the train slamming into a truck trying to cross the tracks at the wrong time.

There have been more than a dozen crashes like this one.

The wrecks are coming day and night.

The light rail tracks cross 148 intersections throughout the Valley.

With the added lights and signals, new signs telling you where you can and can't go, drivers 3TV talked to downtown say it can be a little confusing.

Valley Metro tells us they have spent $685,000 on marketing dedicated to educating drivers on how to maneuver around the Light Rail.

When it comes to the 13 crashes, Valley Metro says most if not all of the crashes were because drivers ignored or didn't pay attention to the traffic .

A Valley Metro spokesperson told us the reason the number of accidents sounds high is because of the amount of track in Phoenix compared to those other cities.

For example, Phoenix has three times as much track as Houston.