Something 'shocking' going on at Valley public park

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SRP says the shocks are not harmful

GILBERT - There is no question kids are full of energy but parents taking their children to one Valley park say there is more than kid power at work.

It is a shock that is startling families in the east Valley, where power lines tower over parks and children run and play.

Mariana Benner says, "When I go to take my kids to the bathroom there's a shock. You can definitely feel a little tingle sensation a shock."

It happens in the grassy area between the swings and the restrooms.

Parents and kids at McQueen Park in Gilbert are noticing a strange sensation while walking below enormous power lines.

SRP says it is created by the induced voltage field between power lines and the ground. Scott Harelson, from SRP, says, "These type of power lines are rare in the Valley. They are the 500,000 volt lines. They are there to bring bulk energy in from outside. It's not real pleasant but it's not dangerous. In other words, it doesn't cause any permanent harm."

Still some parents wonder why kids would be encouraged to play below those power lines. A

The shock is not slowing the families down. Shayla Cruz, another mom, admits, "It's a little bit annoying but no biggie to me."

3TV called the City of Gilbert and a spokesperson says they are aware of the situation and considering it. SRP assures everyone the shock is safe.