Hollywood actor donates $100K to buy rifles for Phoenix police

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Spade grew up in Scottsdale

The following news release was sent by the Phoenix Police Dept.:

PHOENIX - Comic actor David Spade gave the Phoenix Police Department an early Christmas present Monday in the form of $100,000.

The money will go toward purchasing rifles for patrol officers. Spade, who stars on the CBS sitcom "Rules of Engagement," stopped at a northeast Phoenix precinct to give Police Chief Jack

Harris a check.

Mayor Phil Gordon and other local officials also were there. A police spokesman says Spade called police last week asking to donate to the rifle program.

Police and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association have been working toward getting at least 300 rifles for patrol officers.

Spade, 44, grew up in Scottsdale and still has family in


Accordint to Phoenix Police, the department currently has 120 rifles available for patrol and 80 more rifles on order. Spade's donation will provide 50 additional rifles.