Hostages taken during Tucson bank robbery

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Suspect held several hostages

TUCSON - A hostage situation at a Tucson bank ended with the suspect turning the gun on himself.

The robbery took place at a Chase bank branch located in the 9500 block of E. Golf Links Road.

Police say an armed black male about 25 years old entered the bank with a gun and a bag. He was reportedly on his way out of the bank when he saw an investigator with the Pima County Attorney's Office, who wear a badge and carry a gun, about to enter the bank.

That is when officers say they believe the suspect dropped the bag with the money and held everyone inside the bank hostage.

Details are still not clear but officers say that at some point the suspect let some customers go and proceeded to shoot himself while other hostages remained inside the bank. The suspect was pronounced dead.

Area businesses were evacuated during the brief hostage situation that played out at the bank.

Police found one hostage who was too frightened to leave the building with the other hostages. They brought the victim out. Investigators are interviewing hostages and other witnesses as they continue with their investigation.