Huge beehive forces Scottsdale residents indoors

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Fire: Residents stay inside


The Scottsdale Fire Department says the hive was 200 pounds and the size of a kitchen sink.

A pest control company was able to remove the entire hive.

No one was seriously hurt.


SCOTTSDALE - The following is a release from the Scottsdale Fire Department:

UPDATE: Citywide Pest Control, abee removal contractor,is currently on-scene evaluating the hive that is located about 35 feet in the air.The hive is fairly substantial in size, possibly comparable to a kitchen trash can.The location of the hive will likely require the use of a bucket truck for removal.Residents in the area are asked to stay in their home ifpossible and avoid outdoor activity in the vicinity of this incident.

ORIGINAL: Scottsdale Fire is on scene of a large bee swarm and hive near Granite Reef and Bonnie Rose Avenue.

The initial 911callwasfromtwo men that were stung.Both refused treatment.

Upon further evaluation, a large beehive was located in a pine tree on private property.There are reports that civilians and firefighters have been stung but no patients have beentransported to the hospital at this time.

Fire crews are working with the homeowner to reach a bee removal service.Nearby schools and citizens have been notified using the reverse 911 system.

It is estimated that 577 telephone numbers will be notified within a 1/4 mile radius of the incident using the reverse 911 system.