3TV and SHADE team up for skin cancer awareness

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3TV and the SHADE Foundation team up!

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One in five children in America will grow up to develop skin cancer and frankly, that is one too many.

As a 3 TV Forecaster, I watch just how hot the summer days can get here in the Valley and throughout Arizona and the effects damaging UV rays can have on the health of your skin.

That's why 3TV has teamed up with the SHADE Foundation to outrun skin cancer.

As a self-proclaimed couch potato at times, it will definitely be a challenge to run the half marathon at P.F. Chang's Rock and Roll Marathon in January, but this goal is extremely important because Team SHADE is running to raise sun safety awareness and funds to build shade coverings throughout Valley schools to protect children while they participate in one of their favorite things-playing outside.

Here's the thing: with education and prevention, most skin cancers can be avoided. Although, we have our work cut for usour community is worth it and so are our children.

Please join or donate to Team SHADE and start the race again skin cancer with us today.