DPS issues hazardous road warning

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Winter storms hit N. Ariz.

The following is a press release from the Department of public Safety:

The Arizona Department of Public Safety is advising of snow and icy roadways on various Arizona highways in Northern Arizona.

Currently DPS Officers have been responding to numerous 9-1-1 calls to provide assistance to motorists who have lost control of their vehicles and have slid off of snow packed and icy highways. Specifically, this is occurring on public highways within about 50 mile radius of Flagstaff (Interstate, U.S. and State Route highways). In addition, snow and icy roadways are also present in areas above the 4000 foot level where temperatures have dropped to the 20's and 30's.

DPS is requesting all motorists to be alert to quickly changing weather and road conditions. In order to prevent loss of control on snow, icy or wet roadway surfaces, motorists should greatly slow their travel speeds to maintain control of the vehicle, allow for greater following distances, perform gradual braking, do not slam on the brakes, keep the steering straight and do not jerk the wheel quickly. Slowing down and keeping the steering straight will allow the vehicle to come to a safe stop and avoid a collision. If your vehicle goes into a skid, slow down, steer gradually into the direction of the skid to regain control.

Please plan your trip to the high country and check the weather forecasts, carry plenty of food and water, have a fully-charged cellular phone with you. Allow for plenty of travel time due to inclement weather, road closures, traffic re-routing and temporary road closures due to collisions. Remember the state law requires all motorists to yield to stopped emergency vehicles and to move over one lane away or to slow down when passing stopped emergency vehicles.