Glendale man admits to string of robberies

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GLENDALE -- A man arrested for robbing a Glendale toy store has confessed to 16 other burglaries in the Valley.


Serial burglar off the streets - Damon Hardiman was arrested after admitting to several burglaries in the Valley.

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A Glendale police officer spotted a man leaving the Toys R Us at 75th Avenue and Bell Road with a large bag early Monday morning.

When confronted, the man dropped the bag and ran into a neighborhood.

Officers found an unoccupied Chevy Impala in the area and were able to link it to Damon Hardiman, 24, of Glendale.

This vehicle matched the description of a vehicle used in a prior burglary.

Officers went to Hardiman's home to contact him and saw a female leave the home in a Nissan and drive to the neighborhood in which the suspect ran. A short time later the vehicle was seen leaving the neighborhood.

Officers stopped the vehicle and Hardiman was taken into custody.

Hardiman admitted to the burglary at Toys R Us and 11 other burglaries in the city, as well as five other burglaries in the Valley.

He was booked on 39 felony burglary charges.