UPDATE: 3 indicted in burglaries, high-speed chase in Queen Creek

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Car loaded with stolen goods?


QUEEN CREEK -- County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced today that Matthew David Valdez (DOB 9/14/82); Phillip Valdez (DOB 6/14/85) and Jose Jesus Solis (7/28/94) have been indicted on a long list of charges in connection with a burglary and chase in Queen Creek.

According to the probable cause statement filed by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, on October 21, 2008 a sheriff's detective was investigating a series of burglaries in the area. Witnesses had described the suspect's vehicle as silver Lexus with chrome wheels and a flat screen TV strapped to it. The detective spotted the vehicle, with a TV strapped to it, and attempted to stop the two suspects inside. A third suspect took off in a quad, the driver of the Lexus, Mathew David Valdez, tried to run down the detective. A side mirror from the Lexus struck the detective. The driver of the quad, Phillip Valdez, got into the Lexus and got behind the wheel, and all three took off.

The probable cause statement goes on to say the three led deputies on a chase in which the suspect's car topped 100 miles an hour. During that chase the suspects started tossing what appeared to be stolen property out of their car and into the path of deputies. Items included a big screen TV and chrome wheel rims. One of those rims hit a patrol car. They threw a second rim at another patrol car, causing a flat tire.

The chase ended when Phillip Valdez lost control of the Lexus in a Queen Creek neighborhood. The suspects ran off. Two of them were found in a nearby home. Deputies found Matthew Valdez hiding in a nearby backyard. A deputy suffered minor injures after Matthew Valdez fought with the deputy in a failed attempt to get away.

The probable cause statement goes on to say that these suspects could be responsible for as many as 40 burglaries in the area. It's believed they cased the neighborhood by looking at houses that were for sale.

On October 31, 2008 a grand jury handed up an 18 count indictment that includes one count of Burglary, one count of Theft of Means of Transportation (auto theft), and 11 counts of Aggravated Assault, in addition to Resisting Arrest and weapons charges. More charges are possible as detectives investigate additional burglaries.


QUEEN CREEK -- A police chase ends with three suspects in Maricopa County Sheriff's office custody in a Queen Creek neighborhood.

Tuesday afternoon an MCSO officer on routine patrol spotted a suspicious vehicle loaded down with things ranging from rims to televisions.

The officer approached the three Hispanic suspects to question them, but during questioning the men jumped into the vehicle and fled the scene.

Other officers joined in the 15 mile long chase. During the chase the suspects were throwing the items out of the vehicle.

The chase ended in a neighborhood near Alamo and Lamar when the suspects' vehicle became disabled. The three men fled into a nearby house.

The lady inside the home is also being questioned by police.

One officer was injured during the chase when the suspects rammed his vehicle.

A second officer was injured while taking the suspects into custody.