Mother, daughter in bill dispute with insurance company

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PHOENIX -- An 87-year-old woman and her daughter say they're involved in a huge billing error, so they contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

Hammond and her daughter are upset over a medical bill they keep getting for more than $1,100. It's a pretty sizeable amount and Donna Hammond says she shouldn't have to pay it because she has medical insurance that covers it.

The $1,100 bill is for blood work that Hammond had back in January. But for some reason, Hammond and her daughter, Stephanie McWethy, say they keep getting the bill for that blood work.

"I'm going, wow, I thought the insurance company was supposed to have paid for this," McWethy said.

In fact, the lab is so tired of waiting for payment they've sent Hammond to a collection agency.

For months now, McWethy says she's been battling her mother's insurance company trying to get answers as to why the bill has not been paid.

"They told me, 'No, you do not have to pay for this bill. This bill has already been paid," McWethy said. "She gave me the check number, the amount and the date -- everything."

McWethy and her mother say they are exhausted trying to get to the bottom of things so they contacted 3 On Your Side to sort things out.

"I would like for you to find out if we really owe that bill and go to where you have to go to stop it so they don't do this to other people," McWethy said.

Hammond's insurance company, I discovered, did pay the bill and even mailed out a check. However, the check was sent to Hammond and she got it mixed up with other checks when she went to the bank months ago.

So, in a nutshell, the laboratory and the insurance company are not to blame and the issue is resolved.