Burglary suspects arrested after stealing from art show

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PRESCOTT - The following is a press release from the Prescott Police Department:

During this weekend, the courthouse had an organized art and craft festival in which display tents had been set up through-out the weekend.As a security guard was patrolling early Sunday morning at about 1:45 A.M., he noticed an individual hand a large box from under one of the display tents to another individual standing outside.The individual then fled the area while the other crawled from under the tent in which the security guard gave chase.After that individual continued fleeing, the security guard peppered sprayed the individual, later identified as 24 year-old Buckeye resident Larry Oloff, and was then able to get him into custody and yelled to police who were on routine patrol in the area.

While Police were attending to Oloff, a truck stopped in the area and the guard recognized the individual in the truck as the person that took possession of the box that Oloff had taken.Police took custody of that individual, identified as 24-year old Whittman resident, Jason Tunks, who had stopped the truck to pick up Oloff.Oloff and Tunks both had in their possession items that were stored in the tent to include jewelry and salsa that were displayed for sale during regular festival hours.

Both Oloff and Tunk were transported to the Camp Verde Jail where they were booked for Burglary and were released after bonding out.