Woman doesn't receive expected discount at the pump

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GLENDALE -- It sounds like a great promotion: Buy a lot of groceries and, in return, get a big discount at the gas pump.

But a Glendale woman says that big discount never happened at all.

This is a promotion that Safeway has had for a while and it's pretty simple. For every dollar you spend at Safeway, the grocery store will give you a break at Safeway gas pumps.

So, a Glendale woman tried to take advantage of the deal, but she says she's the one that got taken advantage of.

"I usually spend between $150 and $175 on groceries a week," Susan Leathers said.

Leathers said one of her biggest expenses is groceries, so when she heard Safeway was offering a special promotion, she thought it was perfect.

"If you buy X amount of groceries, they would give you 10 cents off a gallon for your gas," she said.

That's right. For every $100 of groceries spent at Safeway, you get 10 cents off a gallon of gas at their Safeway gas stations. And the points were accumulative, meaning the more groceries Leathers bought, the more the gas pump would be discounted.

"It helped with the gas and nobody else was offering that, so I shopped at Safeway," she said.

And with all the shopping Leathers did, she really racked up those points.

"I had 70 points saved up per gallon," she said.

That means Leathers qualified for 70 cents off a gallon. So, she went to go use her gas discount.

"The man said, 'I'm only authorized to give you 10 cents off each gallon," Leathers said.

With the promotion coming to an end soon, Leathers decided to call 3 On Your Side.

"You've told people that this is going to be accumulative and then you don't honor it at the last minute," Leathers said. "You change the rules at the end of the game. That's not right."

Safeway looked into the matter for us and found out they were wrong and Leathers was right.

As a result, Safeway sent Leathers a letter saying they were sorry.

Safeway also sent her a $25 gift card, an amount that is far and beyond any discount she would have received at the gas pump.

Way to go, Safeway! You have to admire companies that acknowledge they "goofed" and then make up for their mistake.