Suspect dead, another injured in police shooting

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1 dead, another hurt in police shooting

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PHOENIX - A suspect is dead and another is in the hospital after an officer-involved shooting in the east Valley.

It was a massive police scene on the Beeline Highway near Mesa Drive on Thursday night. 3TV was told there was a Mesa police car and the suspect's car, a Mustang, that rammed into each other. One suspect was shot and killed.

Everything started on Country Club at the Veranda's Apartments, Police say a bunch of people were arguing and police officers were called to the scene. They say that when they arrived the suspect rammed into their patrol car and took off.

Police tell 3TV, "The two vehicles, at some point, collided together at which point there was an exchange, at least, of words between the officers and the person inside the vehicle, at which point the gunfire did take place and that's when the suspects were struck by the bullets."

3TV is also told all the officers involved is okay but one suspect is dead and another is in the hospital with unknown injuries.