UPDATE: Suspect in 2 related Valley killings in custody

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UPDATE: April 15 6:30 p.m.

Haider Abdulla, 38, is behind bars.

Police say he shot a man to death outside a Valley grovery stroe on Tuesday and then killed another man near 29th St. and Bell.

He was arrested on Salinas, California after an officer there spotted him.

UPDATE: April 14 7:30 p.m.

PHOENIX - Two murders happening on Monday are now linked.

These murders, committed less than two hours apart, have one crucial link between the two: a suspect.

The man allegedly knew both of the victims.

The first shooting took place behind a grocery store about 4:30 p.m. Monday near 35th Avenue and Northern.

The second murder happened about an hour and a half later in northeast Phoenix near 29th Street and Bell.

In the first homicide, responders found the victim unconscious in the front seat of a car turning circles in reverse.

The victim was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

The second victim was on his way to the store when the suspect drove up behind him.

The victim stopped, got out of his car, and was shot dead.

The suspect is 39-year-old Haider Abdulla, and has been identified by people who were once close to him.

Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson says, "He was a brother-in-law. After the shooting he was seen leaving the area by some of the family members."

"Through the course of the investigation they determined that the first victim had been a former roommate of the suspect as well when they lived in the Middle East and there is some indication that there had been a long-standing dispute between the two," Sgt. Thompson added.

Detectives believe Abdulla is driving a 2004 Red Chevy Malibu with the Arizona license plate 310-RHS.

Abdulla has been identified as a suspect in the second homicide, which involved his former brother-in-law.

Police are only saying Abdulla is an investigative lead in the first murder.

Detectives believe the link between Abdulla and the two murder victims are too strong to be strictly coincidental.

UPDATE: April 14

PHOENIX - Police say they believe the killing of a man's brother in law is related to an of a 33-year-old man who also died.

That man was found with a gunshot wound in a car in the back of a Safeway store. He was in critical condition when police found him and later died.

A news release indicates officers made the connection between the two killings after learning that the suspect in the brother-in-law's shooting was a friend and former roommate of the man found shot behind the Safeway.

The investigation is ongoing and the suspect in the brother-in-law shooting is still outstanding. If you have any information on this case, you are asked to call SILENT WITNESS or (602) 262-6141.


PHOENIX - A family fight turned deadly in north Phoenix on Monday night.

It happened near 29th Street and Bell. Homicide detectives confirm for 3TV one man is dead and the suspect in his murder is his brother-in-law.

Police are still searching for the suspect who they have identified as Haider Abdula. The victim has been identified as Ayad Mizel.

Police said the two men got into some sort of argument inside the home although they do not know what they were fighting about. At one point the suspect grabbed a handgun and the fight spilled out into the street.

A police spokesperson tells 3TV, "The victim was driving away. He was gonna go run an errand when the altercation continued into the street and at that point there may or may not have been a verbal altercation and, then again, the suspect fired several rounds at the victim."

The victim died in the street. Officers say other family members were home at the time but were uninjured. The suspect fled the scene and he is still on the loose.

Police are looking for Abdulla who fled the scene in a 2004 Red Chevy Malibu with liscense plate number 310-RHS.