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With the new year, comes a lot of "new" and "improved" beauty products, but which ones are worth your hard-earned money and which ones are all flash and not worth your cash?

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Since this column enables me to try before you buy, I thought I would be your personal beauty shopper and get the scoop behind what's new. I found some great stuff, some unusual items like a revolving mascara wand and some goods that just aren't good. Read on to see what new in 2009 beauty products.

Coming Soon to a Beauty Counter Near You: Hot or Not? Since this stuff isn't even available until next month, I was thrilled to get my hands on a couple of samples to give you a sneak preview. It is called Pro-X Professional by Olay and it is a new skin care line that so far, I just love.

Developed by a team of renowned dermatologists from around the world, Pro-X signals skin to perform more like it did when it was younger by repairing the moisture barrier and boosting surface-cell turnover rate. Six different skin care remedies are offered in the Pro-X line starting with the Pro-X Age Repair Lotion with SPF 30 that was very gentle on my sensitive skin. Plus I always look for an SPF with 30 or above, so it meets my own skin protection guidelines. This is especially important since Arizona has the second highest rate of skin cancer in the world. After I apply the repair lotion in the morning, I follow it up with the Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex which helps lessen my dark circles and usual puffy eyes that I get from being a busy 41-year-old mother of two! Next, I apply the Pro-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment, which is something I have become more interested in since I hit the big 4-0! I also give the line's night treatments a big thumbs up with the Hydra Firming Cream working its magic as I get my much-needed beauty sleep. There is a reason they call it beauty sleep and Pro-X has tapped into this by working with the restorative cells that come out at night to make skin more firm by plumping and locking in moisture.

Since I fear face lifts and botox and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy face creams, the Pro-X line which sells for $42.00 for each product is my new 2009 anti-aging line. Look for Pro-X starter kits next month in drug stores.

Vitamins in the Nail Polish Aisle: Hot or Not? I do like Sally Hansen's nail products, so I was intrigued when the company introduced their new Nail Essentials Dietary Supplement. You get 30 tablets filled with 3.0 mg of Biotin plus antioxidants for $12, which is not a bad price, but I did not find these vitamins to be the miracle cure for weak nails. The box claims that the jar is filled with easy to swallow tablets, but I thought they were horse pills. Although it never hurts to take a vitamin, it does not replace healthy eating. I took these vitamins through the holidays and as soon as my diet went on vacation, so did my nails, even with the pills! So, I found that adding this vitamin to the daily vitamin that I already take did not significantly strengthen my nails as long as my diet was off. This was very interesting to me because I just heard a medical report on the radio that says that the #1 factor in maintaining a healthy weight, strong nails and beautiful hair starts with diet every time. Even rigorous exercise won't work as well without a good diet. So, this one isn't necessarily not hot, but I didn't find the vitamins hot enough to add to my regular routine.

An Infomercial Surprise: Rotating Mascara - Hot or Not? I have to laugh when I think about how I stumbled onto this one. My 7-year-old daughter called out to me last month to hurry into the living room to see if this advertised mascara would be good for one of my segments. First of all, I didn't realize that my 1st grader even paid attention to Mom's column and secondly, I prepared myself to let her down easy since I was certain that an infomercial product would not interest me. Well, kudos to the kid because the commercial did intrigue me enough to order a bottle and I can't believe it - but I like it! Spinlash Mascara comes with a wand that rotates 360 degrees for easier application and thicker lashes. I like the fact that the wand comes in a separate package so it can be used with your own favorite brand of mascara. I happened to like the company's mascara, but I read a lot of reviews that did not care for the mascara, but loved the wand. I ordered mine by calling their phone number, but I don't recommend that because the automated voice processed my order, but tried repeatedly to sell me additional items. Good news - it is now sold at Target for around $15. It can also be found at and comes complete with the rotating wand, separate mascara and a AAA battery.

Fun and on my hot list!

Recycled Razors: Hot or Not? If it is green, then I want to immediately believe that it is good and this one did not disappoint. Recycline Preserve Razor Recyclable shavers are made with 100% recyclable handles in a variety of colors. Not only are the handles made from recycled yogurt cups, but when you are finished with your blade, simply squeeze the arms and remove the head for plastics recycling. The bad news is that I discovered that the City of Phoenix won't take #5 plastics, which is what the razor handles fall under, but if you want to do your earth-friendly part, then simply mail the handles back in Recycline's postage paid mailer. I got my mailer free from their website at It was super easy because the site enables you to print out a postage-paid mailer that can be affixed to your package. What a cool way to go green while getting rid of unwanted hair! I got my package of four recyclable razors at Sprouts Farmers Market for $7.25. Earth-friendly and hot!

Nail Company Expands to Lips: Hot or Not? Since I love Sally Hansen's nail products, I was curious to cross over to their lip gloss when I read that they were adding lip items to their line in 2009. They call it the Sally Hansen Lip Lab and there is a lot to choose from. I bought the Miracle Cure Lip Saver for $8 at my local drug store because I wanted to see what makes this product a lip saver and a miracle. I will stick with Sally for my nail needs, but I found the lip saver less than pleasing. The odor was a bit strong and the gloss was a bit sticky plus there is no mention of any SPF protection and recent studies suggest that the sun's harmful rays may reflect off of lip gloss thereby increasing one's risk of skin cancer on the lips. Since we live in sunny Arizona, it is definitely something to keep in mind when buying and applying lip gloss. So, I still say that Sally Hansen is hot in the nail department, but I say that the lip saver is not hot.

Hot or not, it is fun to try what's new in 2009. Here's hoping that we all get a little help with keeping our beauty and our life on a budget in the new year!