Kyrene School District will include condoms in sex ed

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Should kids be taught about contraception in school? -'s Marissa Wingate reports parents in Tempe are debating where their kids should be taught about contraception in school?

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TEMPE -- One Tempe school district is looking to revamp its sex education curriculum by bringing condoms into the classroom.

Tuesday night the Kyrene School Board voted unanimously to include condoms in sex education for seventh- and eighth-graders.

The committee says teaching about condoms, along with the teaching of abstinence first, will put Kyrene on the forefront of sex education.

According to the district's Health Steering Committee, there is a huge increase in the amount of sexually transmitted infections that occur once children reach the age of high school.

Parents must sign permission slips in order for their children to take part in sex education. They can also choose which part of the lessons they want their kids to hear.