Couple that found body of corrections officer talks to 3TV

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Couple tried to help corrections officer

BUCKEYE - A 28-year-old father and corrections officer was murdered in the street and for the first time the couple who tried to save him tell their story.

Bradley Gerrard was killed three days ago and there are still no suspects. The couple who found him spoke to 3TV.

The husband and wife were involved in a whirlwind of events Saturday night. It started when they found a truck burning in the desert and called the fire department. Then while driving home from that vehicle fire they came across the body of Brad Gerrard.

Hours later investigators found Gerrard's car also on fire. Cassandra and Charles Martin say they moved to Tartesso in Buckeye because they thought it would be quiet. It was Saturday night and they were just about a block from their home.

The couple drove up to a box in the street. Charles tells 3TV, " I stopped to pick the box up and that's when my wife noticed that there was a body laying in the median."

Brad Gerrard had been shot in the chest. The box was an air mattress the department of corrections officer had just bought at a nearby Wal-Mart for visiting family members. Cassandra gave the father of one with another on the way CPR to no avail. Hours later investigators discovered his car abandoned and burned about four miles away.

Nevertheless, it was not the first car they found on fire that night. Just 20 minutes before the Martins ever drove up on the murder scene they say they had found a burning truck in the desert and called police. It was after leaving that scene that they came across Brad's body just about two and a half miles away.

Charles asks, "It just seems too coincidental that a trucks on fire, a gentleman is dead. Why?" Police are trying to see if there is a link.

In the meantime the Martins are mourning the loss of a young man they tried to save. Cassandra told 3TV, "From what I understand, he was an amazing man and my heart hurts for that familywhat happened?We may never know.I hope we do, I hope they catch the guys that did this."

Another strange twist to this story is that Cassandra Martin, the woman who stopped to help, actually lost her father in a mysterious death.He too was a corrections officer.