Get to know your Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA

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Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA is Arizona's largest and oldest no-kill animal shelter.

In 2008, 500 more lives were saved than in 2007. We hope to save 2,009 lives in 2009 through the adoption of our wonderful dogs and cats. But, AAWL/SPCA is more than just an animal shelter that performs life saving adoptions - much more!

We are a community resource for families aiming to raise conscientious, compassionate and responsible children. Our Education programs run throughout the year with a heavy concentration of opportunities in the summer months. Camps, birthday parties and workshops are available for children as old as 18.

AAWL/SPCA provides a hands-on opportunity for children to learn responsible pet guardianship with a wide variety of critters, including dogs, ferrets, reptiles, rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and snakes! Children even get to spend a day with our amazing veterinary staff! To cool off from the summer heat, one of the favorite activities is Dog Washing Day! Campers get to spend time helping the adoptable dogs by giving them their "Spaw Day" before going to their forever homes.

Classes are not just for kids, though! AAWL/SPCA offers classes for the grown-up kids, too.

Pet parents can sign up for a variety of canine learning classes, including Basic Training and Canine Good Citizen. Once the "basics" are mastered, the most popular class is Agility! Dogs and their people learn how to maneuver around a variety of obstacles while strengthening their communication skills and enhancing their bond! It is a lot of fun, too!

No kids? No pets? That doesn't mean there are not great opportunities for you to be a part of the AAWL/SPCA family.

There are many volunteer opportunities available. Come in for some cuddle time with cats or be a dog walker. We need folks to help us with events, too. Making a one time or ongoing donation is also a great way to give the organization something it needs. If you want to help - we would love to have you!

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